i didn’t ride today
that’s it then, the limits of my (current) state of affairs. 23 days is still a week short of the arbitrarily stated goal, but it’s still 9 days longer then my previous best effort.  i have no regrets about staying on the couch today, as i think it proves that i am human and not an atomaton getting my outputs from my inputs.
one input i need right now is sleep, desperately.  i think it was the sound of retching from the kid’s room at 11 pm last night that hinted it was the end for me, i knew even then that my little game was up.  life takes over once again.  suffice to say it was a long night of towels, shirts and toilets, and at least Chloe was generally happy and wanting to play between barfs.  As is the way of kids she was in perfect shape this morning, which was in great relief to my own condition and at least the problems have not continued.  
i can say with clarity this morning that no matter your walk of life or drive for goals and achievements, it would be a sad day to miss the life that surrounds you, the good with the bad, in order to further your own standing.  Live, i say, and do not fail to remember what made you who you are; it’s not what you do for money, i guarantee.  Do not fail to step back from what you do, the humdrum, to see the why you do, the essence.  
Tuesday, November 25, 2008